Some of The Best Gadget Concepts Out There

It is amazing to read articles about mobile technology and discover what’s the next thing to dazzle you. We discovered that Rochester University’s researchers are working on some experiments to see if there is any way to make smartphones sensitive to our emotions. If you watched too much Terminator and are worried about the rise of machines and an eventual killing spree, then you might not be so happy about the idea. But wow, smartphones being able to recognize our emotions?! You have to admit, that’s something. The experiment is being conducted with the analysis of 12 different features of the human voice: like volume or pitch. The program they designed to work as a prototype was able to define with 81% accuracy 1 out of 6 emotions.

Speaking of emerging technology, another thing that really caught our attention is an invention that integrates a chip in the sole of a shoe to create power. Later on, thanks to something like a thin flexible cord, you can actually charge your mobile devices as you walk down the street or jog. This chip is made of crystals that turn pressure into power. You don’t need to buy a special set of shoes because the chip can be inserted into almost any sole. Bathroom slippers probably won’t work in this situation but either than that, you are good to go. You can use the same chip several times on several pairs of shoes. The pressure that you generate when walking can be converted into energy. What’s more, it seems that the inventory already has this thing under patent and promises to launch it on the market for a very good price. Rumor has it that you will be able to buy this chip for as low as $46 and with a 30 months warranty too!

Scientists in Japan are also constantly working on new inventions. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that they have created artificial intelligence and started creating lifelike robots that we can’t tell a part form real flesh and blood people. Well, it looks a bit like sci-fi now, but so did mobile phones and the Internet just a few decades ago.

But until the world is taken over by humanoids, we all can make our lives a bit more fun by checking out some of the new gadgets that are released in the market. Just think of all the stuff you can buy from China for literally pennies. Solar toys, spy watches, lasers, alarm clocks that sense whether you are asleep or awake and so much more.